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Grow & improve your existing product

Highlight and fix user pain points, increase conversions, tackle ethical issues, become more sustainable, address inclusivity and prioritise your roadmap.

Lead Time:
3 – 4 Weeks

Complete Time:
3 – 6 Weeks

Who is this service for?

Whether you’re a startup, a scale-up, or an organisation with an existing digital product that stands for a good cause, we are here to take your digital product to the next level!

Start Ups & Scale Ups

Organisations, NGOs & Charities

Individuals With Bright Ideas

Four people working on laptops
Person holding mobile phone

What types of product do we take on?

We can work with digital products from any platform, whether it be for web, mobile, voice, in-car or something with completely custom hardware!

Websites & Mobile Apps

Voice Skills

Custom Hardware

So, what can we do for your existing product? Take your pick from below!

Understand why your product is underperforming and how to fix it

Are your conversions down? Are users dropping out or not finding what they need? We can help!

Proritise your roadmap & design new features based on user feedback

Have a new idea for a feature for your product? Want to grow your product in a way that your users will love? Let’s do it together!

Make your product more ethical, inclusive & sustainable

Want to clear your brand’s conscience while improving its reputation and increasing long-term ROI? Let us show you how!

We work flexibly, hire us in a way that best suits you!

Below we’ve highlighted the three main ways in which we work, but even if you’re interested in hiring us in another capacity don’t hesitate to contact us!


We’ll work together on a project basis with your team to bring your digital product life.


We’ll give you expert advice around strategy and key user experience decisions as a one-off or a retainer.


Hire us as one of your own and we’ll work in-house for as long as you need us to.

Apple MacBook mock up containing screenshot of random lines of code

A full service, ready to be developed

We pride ourselves on delivering our work in a manner that allows us to work easily with your in-house or external development company.

If you’re in need of a development team we are happy to recommend you some!

Have an idea for a digital product that could make a difference?

No matter what stage your project is at, we can help make that happen!