We make work fun & collaborative

We are a small and impactful team ready to partner with your organisation. We will fit our process & collaborative workshops around your needs.

Usertopia's Founder and CEO Noah Abbott

Hey, I’m Noah

I’ve hosted hundreds of workshops and user testing sessions for many organisations including Global Forest Watch, Red Cross, and World Resources Institute. I’m really passionate about helping organisations find new ways to make a difference.

Outside of work you’ll probably catch me in the studio, running down the 100m straight, or lost in a forest at the top of a mountain.

And I’m Ant

I’ve utilised my design skills to help start-ups create successful user-centred solutions across the globe, including in the UK and Asia. In a fast-paced and evolving digital climate I’ve learnt how to deal with the challenges you’ll face when bringing your vision to life.

After hours you’ll find me cruising down a hill on my mountainboard or buying more houseplants than anyone can possibly need.

Usertopia's Managing Director Ant Johnson
A slinky bent over to form an arch

We work flexibly

Effective as a duo or individually, we know how to create products you and your users will love.

As a small team, we have no plans for expansion. We believe this helps us stay true to our mission and gives us the flexibility to work however best suits you.

This is what we care about.

Ethical, sustainable, inclusive. These are the words we keep banging on about, but they’re not just buzz words to us. We’re pushing to drive our business, our personal lives, and other people to make a positive change in these areas. Let’s create a future we all want to be a part of!


In a digital world where ethics have fallen behind, we’re dedicated to designing products that respect people and their privacy. Our products are therefore always GDPR compliant and dark pattern-free.


We work hard to make sure our products don’t discriminate. We are very conscious of user’s varying situations and that’s why our products are always WCAG and ADA compliant.


The web is very energy-intensive, that’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure our entire website loads using less energy than the average single web page. We use these same techniques for all of our clients’ products!