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Research & design your new product from scratch

Our rapid research, design & idea validation process focuses on outputting ethical, inclusive, & sustainable digital products with great return on investment.

Lead Time:
3 – 4 Weeks

Complete Time:
6 – 10 Weeks

Who is this service for?

Whether you’re a startup looking to secure further investment, or an organisation ready to create a new digital product, we are here to help you get started!

Start Ups & Scale Ups

Organisations, NGOs & Charities

Individuals With Bright Ideas

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Person holding mobile phone

What platforms do we design for?

We can validate and design product ideas across any platform, from websites and apps to voice skills and in-car systems.

Websites & Mobile Apps

Voice Skills

Custom Hardware

What’s all this about Ethical, Inclusive & Sustainable?

Simply put, we make sure that any decision we make as individuals and as a company that we consider the impact it will have on people, the planet, and nature. That means your product will be human-centric and eco-conscious, and your users will love it long-term!

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So, how does it all work? And what do you get at the end of the process?


We kick start by getting to know each other professionally and personally and getting into the weeds of your current strategy.


Introductory call

Strategy workshop


Proposed strategy for designing your kick-ass project

01 – Research

Our research sprints deliver in depth insights about who your users are, what they want and need from your product, and any potential hurdles we might need to face.


User interviews

Diary studies

Data analysis & market research

Jobs-to-be-Done session


Research insights document

Proposed direction for our design phase

02 – Design

Our iterative design phase puts our research into something tangible that can be tested and trialed with users.


Ideation workshop

Information Architecture & Wireframing


Formation of Design System


Low & high fidelity wireframes of key user flows

A high fidelity prototype of key user flows

Detailed user stories and acceptance criteria

Analytics strategy

03 – Test

Our testing phase follows each iteration of our design phase. We put our prototypes or pilot-builds in front of users and get their feedback.


User interviews

Analytics analysis


Testing insights document

Proposed design improvements


We’ll handover our work to your chosen development team, who will have been involved throughout the whole process. We’ll then continue to provide design QA.


Handover briefing

Design QA & Guidance

Magnifying glass

Not quite ready to commit to our full process?

Whether you still need to validate your opportunity before committing to it, or you’re looking to secure additional funding, we can tailor our process to help. Get in touch to find out more!

Have an idea for a digital product that could make a difference?

No matter what stage your project is at, we can help make that happen!